Koyn vs Breet: Best app to sell crypto in Nigeria

koyn vs breet app

Selling Crypto requires considering the right exchange apps that offer a convenient and user-friendly interface, security, great rates, fast transactions etc. There have been two crypto exchange apps that have particularly stood out in recent times, looking at their features and offerings it is worthy of note to commend Breet and Koyn. In this article,  I have put together the special features of selling crypto on both Koyn and Breet in 2024.

Breet App

Breet a Nigerian Crypto app platform specifically designed for converting crypto to cash instantly allows you to sell Bitcoin conveniently. The exchange platform makes it simple to sell cryptocurrencies in Nigeria and Ghana and allows individuals and businesses to rapidly convert cryptocurrency to fiat currency.

Special Features of the Breet App

1. Bonus Points:

You receive 800 reward points for each transaction you complete on Breet. Every dollar you deposit into your wallet earns you reward points that you may later use for money or airtime.

2. Calculator for Crypto-rates:

You can estimate how much your BTC delivered to your pockets would be worth in Naira depending on the current exchange rate using the free calculation tool on the Breet app. Simply enter the required information, including the type of cryptocurrency, the type of fiat money, and the USD amount. You must click “Calculate” after entering all of this data in order for your final total and the pricing of the day to be displayed.

3. Automatic Settlement:

After each transaction, customers can utilize this function to automatically retract their pricing range. Users can decide whether to enable or disable this functionality. When enabled, each transaction from your budget would be converted and immediately withdrawn to the specified local bank account. 

4. Incentives:

On Breet, you are rewarded 200 reward points when you fulfil every assigned duty correctly. These complementary points are redeemable for cash or airtime.

5. Get Paid for Referrals:

Everyone gets a referral code they may use to get 200 appreciation points when they complete a transaction worth up to $100 and share the app with non-customers.

6. Security

For a crypto-alternative network, protection may be essential, and Breet doesn’t take that obligation lightly. To safeguard the finances of customers, they supply two-element authentication as an extra degree of security.

7. Zero Fees:

Specific change structures have prices for particular transaction fees like deposits, withdrawals, etc. Depending on the structures, different transactions have different fees; others don’t have any costs at all, like the Breet App, which is absolutely free to use. You should choose a cryptocurrency trading app that is totally free or costs less.

8. No Withdrawal Limitations:

On Breet, there is no cap on how much you can deposit or withdraw. You don’t have to have thousands worth of crypto before selling them on the Breet app.

9. Reliable Customer Support:

Breet offers client service around-the-clock. There’s always a specialist on hand to assist you and respond to your inquiries. 

Pros of Using Breet App

  1. Bonus Points
  2. Referral Options
  3. Rates Calculation
  4. Automated Settlements
  5. Zero Fees
  6. Customer Service
  7. Incentives
  8. No Withdrawal Limitations
  9. Security

Cons of Using Breet App

  1. Limited to Crypto and no utility features
  2. Complicated User Interface
  3. Unclear Fees


Koyn was designed to simplify the process of selling Bitcoin while ensuring the highest standards of security.

  1. Top Notch Security: Koyn uses top-tier encryption standards, utilizing advanced cryptographic techniques to secure user data and transactions.
  1. Competitive Rates: Koyn offers the best exchange rate in Nigeria. Be sure to get a fair market price and the best rate possible when you use the app.
  1. Zero Fees: Koyn doesn’t charge you a dime for converting your Crypto to Cash. There are no fees to pay. Simply sell your bitcoin and cash out your funds instantly.
  1. Regulatory Compliance: Koyn actively monitors and adheres to the regulatory frameworks set by Nigerian authorities and complies with global standards in the cryptocurrency space. 
  1. Excellent Customer Support: With Koyn be guaranteed fast response and customer service in case you have any challenges while using the app.
  1. User-Friendly Interface: KOYN takes pride in its user-friendly interface. Navigating the platform is seamless for both seasoned traders and newcomers.
  1. Utility Features: Asides using the KOYN App for the best crypto experience you can also get fast payments experience when you use the app for paying electricity and cable tv bills amongst others.
  1. Prompt Transactions: Time is of the essence when it comes to cryptocurrency trading. Koyn ensures that your Crypto-to-Cash transactions are processed swiftly, allowing you to access your funds when you need them.
  1. Transparent Updated Rates : Asides the timely and daily updates of the crypto rates on their Social Media accounts on the App you can also find the Transparent rates to keep you updated for selling your preferred Crypto on the Koyn App.

Pros of Using Koyn App

1. Top-notch Security

2. Competitive Rates

3. Zero Fees

4. Regulatory Compliance

5. Amazing User Friendly Interface

6. Utility Features

7. Excellent Customer Service

8. Prompt Transactions

9. Transparent Rates

Cons of Using Koyn App

  •  Fiat Limitations 
  • Limited Geographical reach – only NGN
  • Dependence on Exchange Rates

How to Sell Crypto for Cash on Koyn

Selling Crypto on Koyn is a straightforward process:

Create an Account: Download the Koyn app and create an account, which takes only a few minutes.

Verify Your Identity: Complete the necessary identity verification process to ensure compliance with regulations.

Deposit preferred Crypto: Transfer your Crypto to your Koyn wallet.

Wait for Confirmation: Wait for 3 confirmations.

Withdraw Your Funds: Finally, you can withdraw your funds to your preferred bank account.


Having accessed both Crypto Exchanges it can be agreed that Koyn is the go-to platform for selling Crypto in Nigeria. Its user-friendly interface, top-notch security, competitive rates, and excellent customer support makes it different from Breet amongst other features. In this article, I have been able to highlight these two major Crypto Apps in Nigeria and their unique features. It is crucial to choose a reliable app that aligns with your specific needs and preferences.

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