What is Notcoin?


The Crypto community has been elated with a new token recently launched on The Open Network called the Notcoin. Notcoin is a click-based game on Telegram, very popular and built on the TON blockchain, known for its simple gameplay and the promise of actual cryptocurrency rewards.

In this article, I will explain more about the Notcoin, its features, how you can earn and benefit from it in the Crypto Community and give you a general overview of how it works.

Key Takeaways:

  1. This token is connected to a game on Telegram where users earn $NOT by completing tasks.
  2. From Mining to Airdrops, the launch of the Notcoin token is a significant event, marking the beginning of a new cryptocurrency project and showcasing a new form of community-driven participation

Features of Nitcoin.

Notcoin is a clicker game in Telegram, where you earn by playing alone or with a team of friends in a community. It became known in November 2023 and gained some traction as a game on Telegram where users mined tokens by tapping on an icon. Now the actual coin is minted on The Open Network (TON) and now trades on some Crypto exchanges.

In the game, players need to periodically click a token icon while capturing rockets to accelerate upgrades. The gameplay is not limited to single clicks but includes team cooperation, scoring leagues, energy management, and referral rewards. Furthermore, Notcoin also has an “earn” system where players can earn Notcoin by completing advertising tasks. Players can speed up the collection of coins through various boosts, such as full energy boosts and multi-click boosts.

Since its launch on January 1, 2024, it has surged in popularity, with over 30 million participants and an average daily active user count of 5 million, making it the fifth-ranked channel on Telegram.

How It Works

  1. Game Access and Start: Players can access the Notcoin game via the Telegram app. The basis of the game is the clicking interface, where players accumulate Notcoin by clicking on the coin displayed on the screen, the virtual currency of the game.
  1. Energy Limitations: Click actions are limited by an energy bar. Each click consumes energy, which gradually recovers when players pause their activity. This adds a strategic element as players need to manage their energy usage to optimize clicking.
  1. Boosts and Upgrades: Players can earn or purchase boosts in-game, which temporarily increase their click efficiency or rapidly restore energy. These include full energy recovery, acceleration, and multiple clicks.
  1. Social and Promotion Mechanisms: Notcoin encourages players to share the game with friends via invitation links, which can increase their Notcoin earnings. Additionally, participants can receive extra rewards by achieving certain milestones or joining specific groups.
  1. Currency Exchange and Future: Although Notcoin is virtual, the project team has launched the NOT token to convert Notcoin into real cryptocurrency.
  1. Simplified Crypto System Launch: Although Notcoin is virtual, the project team has launched the NOT token to convert Notcoin into real cryptocurrency.A key goal of Notcoin is to simplify the token issuance process, reducing the risk of manipulation by crypto whales and social media influencers, thereby fairly distributing tokens to community members.

Steps to Follow

1. Clicking Coins: The main activity in the game is to click on coins that appear on the screen. Each click earns you Notcoin, the virtual currency in the game. Occasionally, a rocket icon appears on the screen, and clicking it accelerates your upgrade process as it provides a temporary boost in speed.

2. Squads: Players can form teams to mine Notcoin together. Joining a squad gives you a bonus. Moreover, squad features might be expanded to add more interactive and cooperative elements.

3. Leagues: There are five levels of leagues in the game: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. When you reach a certain threshold of points, you automatically advance to a higher league and receive rewards. Notably, league points are different from your total coin balance: they only account for the number of your clicks.

4. Friends (Frens): Invite friends to join the game and earn coins. The higher your referee’s score, the more rewards you receive. If your referee has a premium Telegram account, the rewards increase significantly.

5. Earn: This is a monetization system. There are several advertising tasks here. Completing each task earns you Notcoin. Users need to subscribe to crypto channels, test websites, games, etc. Some tasks might only require your time, while others may require you to have at least 7 TON in your Telegram wallet. To top up coins in your wallet, click the button to proceed


Overall, Notcoin is an innovative GameFi initiative that cleverly integrates blockchain technology with gamification elements, providing users with a fun and potentially profitable digital economic environment. With strong community support and open code audits, Notcoin has not only enhanced the transparency of the project but has also quickly attracted a large number of players globally. 

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